Our Baby, The Great Explorer.

Time sure flys ever so fast in the first year of a baby’s developments and reaching milestones. I’m still so much in awe at this little blessing roaming our home, leaving little footprints behind as I mop the kitchen floor everyday. My baby is less than a month away from that awesome #1. He is such a joy, always smiling and laughs ever so easily. As my hubby says while holding him, ‘God sure knew what he was doing when he blessed us with you’

We spoke of the possibility of hubby going over the pond alone for the first three months. Mainly as I would like the time with my sister in Knysna, our bond is a unique, special and strong one. Hubby was quick to tell me ‘NO WAY, I can’t be away from this little guy and big boys’ As a typical woman I replied with a fake pout, ‘Oh, and me ;)’ – ‘Of course you too’ he said with a comforting loving smile.

Personally, I love my hubby but I sure could do with some time in an all girl house, being all girly, doing all the things my sister and I use to do together when we lived in the same province. Home pamper parties, enjoying the whine with the wine, the laughter with the history, the musicals and cheesy dance moves with so much more.

Sigh, I have a silly, wonderland smile on my face thinking of those precious times.

Back to my littlest of sons – this age is the great explorer age. Everything goes into the mouth these days too and by everything – I seriously mean EVERYTHING. Our house has been childproofed except the pots and pans draw and the Tupperware cupboard, for these are the best ‘toys‘ any inquisitive little mind requires to satisfy more than any noisy, bright and colourful toy in the toy box has to offer. Oh and a cardboard box – the best thing since sliced bread for a boy toy. Below is the link for his recent munching down on the tyre of our car while out visiting friends. Nothing poisonous or detrimental to the health of an exploring baby. Keep in mind – he will do it once, know it’s yukky with the lesson learnt.


Have a fantastic weekend 🙂


It’s All About The Bees, Mom

I stumbled upon this video of my then three year old chatting to me about the bees that were just as thirsty as us on this hot summers day while awaiting our car at the car wash. How time has past ever so quickly. He still enjoys storytelling though. Love these special moments and memories.

Crash, Boom, Bang !!

My eldest son got his first off road motorbike for his 5th birthday. Having had a little wipe out now and again, slowly he has developed a respect for such machines and what this chunk of metal is capable of doing to a fragile human body. Nine years on, I’m rather please to say never a broken bone or serious injury. This record still stands even after today. Relaxing at home while cooking my hubbies favourite lunch for fathers day, knowing Aust and dad were out riding, suddenly a rather calm hubby arrives home ALONE and says, ‘oh, Aust has come off his bike come quick.’ Dashing out the door, zooming in my car, I arrive to find my son flat on his back and in pain. Hubby takes the bike home while I dash Aust off to casualty. He sure did a good job coming off his bike this time. A wash and scrub of the wounds, a few x-rays& plenty bandages. Pop some pain meds and we’re good to go. The drive home is when we reflect on the event and share a laugh which wasn’t so easy for Aust as his ribs took quite the impact so breathing hurt a little. ‘Pity I didn’t get it on camera for YouTube’ I joke with him. Aust loves watching snippets of people wiping off their bikes on YouTube but the thought of his wipe captured and shared – wasn’t so pleasing to my little man.  All is well with hop-along now. Gave mom and dad a wee worry there. Part and parcel of being a boy doing what boys do best. Lesson learnt, although he says he still won’t give up on practising his ramping.That’s my boy. I always tell my boys when they have the odd mishap of sorts – scars give your body character and tell a story that’s unique to you. Now that’s awesome 😉 

Something Special

My little hero

A recent birthday celebration saw my son into his 6th year on our majestic planet earth. A gentle natured child with the most amazing imagination. Heath enjoys dress up play from fireman to police officer but his favourite is a pirate or cowboy. Like so many parents out there, Heaths conception was a test of faith. After a couple of miscarriages just into the 2nd trimester, we received the much-anticipated news of a new arrival. All of 12 weeks along we were told our baby showed signs of having Down Syndrome, I cried my heart out upon receiving this news. Came home and prayed. After awhile I had a sense of peace and calm. I told my hubby “i don’t know how I know but I just know this little one is going to be just fine” I refused any further testing too. I enjoyed this pregnancy and had such fun and special moments with my hubby and first-born decorating the nursery, going for scans and baby shopping. My hubby treated me like a delicate crystal ball. I still recall the moments he helped me in and out the bath tub, put my shoes on for me and gave foot massages. Heath arrived Easter Monday of 2006. A healthy, beautiful blessing indeed. We love you to the stars and back a million times over my boy. Stay just as loving and sumptuous as you are, my clever kid 😉

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An Unexpected Blessing


Sometimes in life we get unexpected blessings that change ones life in many ways. For 14 years I still battle with the tragic passing of my sister Debbie on October, 24th 1997. A day for me every year I replay receiving that 2am knock on my door that would change my life forever. Last year October 24th 2011, we welcomed our baby boy, Ethan into this world. Ethan was due November 16th but his early arrival on such a significant day to me, has replaced that day with such happiness, joy and love. An unexpected way of healing and acceptance for me. I know in passing the heavens Debbie and Ethan have met. Introducing – Our amazing baby boy who has brought us so much closer and blessed our lives even more & continues to overflow our home with love. Mommy, Daddy and your very protective big brothers, love and adore you immensely. Thank you for choosing us to be your parents and to share in your life’s journey. Holding hands forever. Debs, he is beautiful indeed.
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