Luck Love

I love the movie UP!
Such a beautiful love story, I find those silent tears visit at every viewing.
I enjoy chatting to ‘old people, often strangers I meet as I’m so talkative in queues etc.
I miss my grandparents so very much that I regret not spending more time with them than I did. I should have listened closely and more intently at their wonderful stories of their life’s journey.

It’s sad to see so many of the youth ignore their elders or find them annoying. How they hold so much history not only of your family tree but of life itself, world events and more.

Kudos to China on the introduction of their new law ‘forcing face to face weekly time with their elders.
Remember – time itself is a gift, use yours wisely.

I love my imperfect man completely, how could I not for I myself am not perfect.


Siblings – A Bond Like No Other.

It’s the season about many celebrations, joy, giving, sharing and so it goes.
I was browsing through photos as I often do when such seasons come and go. So often, without fail – every photos tells a story, holds a memory and shares a joy. Here, in this photo are my siblings and our hubbies. There are a few children that have since joined our family – growing together as we journey through life. I miss them all so so very much especially on such occasions as Christmas. Love them all to the moon and back. . . And some.

Compliments of the season to all my readers and followers. May the season fill your hearts with warmth, love, laughter and so much happiness that you feel warm and fuzzy inside always.


It’s Your Birthday, Little Brother.



Today is my little brothers birthday. Funny how we still call him our little brother when he is in his 30’s. Of all my siblings – I have a super special bond with my brother. I love most how we share the same wicked sense of humour and when we do a conference skype call with my mom, the house is on fire. No distance or continent or hemisphere can keep us apart. South Africa & The UK, no contest ­čśë

How awesome is my little brother ? Beyond awesome,so awesome in-fact that he called me up in 2008 and said, ‘how’s your passport looking?’ Why, I ask. ‘cos I’m online booking your ticket to the UK to tour England with mom and I – all expenses paid !!’ THAT’s HOW AWESOME MY BROTHER IS *massive smile*

I miss him most on days like this, not that any other day do I miss him any less. It’s the late nights up sipping coffee, while olden goldies hit the music box & we chat and chat and chat away. Laughter fills the air and conversation flows. I know mom baked his favourite chocolate cake today, where I joke he is lucky he doesn’t have to share it. A good ol’ braai, music, family, friends and Johnny Walker would have been the order of the day.┬áThink┬áI would have hit the Amarula somewhat.┬á

Here’s to you my little brother, whom I love more than I can ever put in words. We share┬áincredible┬áhistory, a lifes’ journey and an indescribable bond. Thank you for always being my rock, my counsellor, my bail out, my brother. You’ve taught me never to sweat the small stuff cos it’s all small stuff indeed, self love and just how worth it I am. BIG, HUGE, GIGANTIC HUGS *mwah* from your bestest sister ever ­čÖé



Happy Anniversary To Us.


Yesterday my hubby and I celebrated fourteen years as a married couple. No marriage is without it’s downs but we sure make sure the downs are worth the fights. We shared the most challenging year of our marriage last year and to say we survived it, will be an understatement. Yesterday hubby and spend a lovely day together, alone – shopping, then lunch, home to be with out boys and then out for a dinner date. I feel it is so important to show love and affection in front of our children. If we don’t show hugs, cuddles and silly dances together, how will they as boys to men, know how to romance, date or treat their future life partners.

They are boys so of course my eldest is always saying – eew yet my middle childs reaction being the opposite. Boy my big boys spoil me with little acts of love. My little one makes cards, picks flowers and recently started making us ‘coffee’ in bed. It’s hard to sip warm water overdosed with coffee┬ágranules but as parents we do so with a smile and absolute appreciation ­čÖé How parenting repeats itself as I recall very well serving my mother tea in bed made from warm tap water and a teabag not given the chance to draw.

We sat on the sofa yesterday paging through our wedding album and the rather bad quality of photos taken. Funny how looking back you see guests who you are no longer in contact with, whos partners have since changed and even the uninvited guests who just pitched like they had a welcoming right – yes, we had some of those.

Part message from my man: ‘Happy anniversary my sexy babe. Fourteen great years that have had their ups and downs. We’ve both learnt┬áperseverance┬áwhich builds character and most importantly gives us hope, which has made our bond stronger, love you.’

Photo was taken while out for lunch yesterday ­čÖé

Our Baby, The Great Explorer.

Time sure flys ever so fast in the first year of a baby’s developments and reaching milestones. I’m still so much in awe at this little blessing roaming our home, leaving little footprints behind as I mop the kitchen floor everyday. My baby is less than a month away from that awesome #1. He is such a joy, always smiling and laughs ever so easily. As my hubby says while holding him, ‘God sure knew what he was doing when he blessed us with you’

We spoke of the┬ápossibility┬áof hubby going over the pond alone for the first three months. Mainly as I would like the time with my sister in Knysna, our bond is a unique, special and strong one. Hubby was quick to tell me ‘NO WAY, I can’t be away from this little guy and big boys’ As a typical woman I replied with a fake pout, ‘Oh, and me ;)’ – ‘Of course you too’ he said with a comforting loving smile.

Personally, I love my hubby but I sure could do with some time in an all girl house, being all girly, doing all the things my sister and I use to do together when we lived in the same province. Home pamper parties, enjoying the whine with the wine, the laughter with the history, the musicals and cheesy dance moves with so much more.

Sigh, I have a silly, wonderland smile on my face thinking of those precious times.

Back to my littlest of sons – this age is the great explorer age. Everything goes into the mouth these days too and by everything – I seriously mean EVERYTHING. Our house has been childproofed except the pots and pans draw and the┬áTupperware┬ácupboard, for these are the best ‘toys‘ any inquisitive little mind requires to satisfy more than any noisy, bright and colourful toy in the toy box has to offer. Oh and a cardboard box – the best thing since sliced bread for a boy toy. Below is the link for his recent munching down on the tyre of our car while out visiting friends. Nothing poisonous or detrimental to the health of an exploring baby. Keep in mind – he will do it once, know it’s yukky with the lesson learnt.

Have a fantastic weekend ­čÖé

He’s My Brother


Yesterday marked the 27th year of my brothers passing. A day that changed life as we knew it forever. That video will and is stuck on replay in my memory forever. So often in life when we lose a loved one, we tend to always remember most the day of their death. That day was not their life. I had 10 years of my life shared with my big brother and it’s those years I chose to remember. Our birthdays, christmas days, sunday roasts at my grandparents house, our school years, holidays hanging out at our local public pool and most of all the mischief we got up to as a gang of sibling. Dean, being our big brother was the “leader of the pack” – we even sang that song : leader pack, and now his gone. I’ll try find the artist on YouTube and post it. Our favourite toy was our BMX‘s. Our first official wheels that we had many an adventure on. I miss Dean so very much and often wonder what and where he would be if he wasn’t called by God so young. I know all too well the pain in losing a sibling and could never conceive the pain my mother must feel in losing a child. They say time heals – I’m still waiting. In my experience, the emotions come and go in waves. Some days the waves are big and others, like a still low tide. Never ever forgotten, he’s Dean – my brother.
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A Sprinkle Of Love


Precious Moments

“mom, please can i get some stuff from dads toolbox, i want to show you something” Moments later I get this (photo). Precious moments that melt my heart and always leave me with that warm and fuzzy feeling. Little boys are a moms joy. The things my sons come up with in sharing their way of showing love over and above the obvious hugs, kisses, cuddles┬áand words, I adore the thought, creativity and actions gone into every such moment, itched into my memory forever. I constantly encourage a show of affection and always show affection for their father as I want them to grow up knowing not only how and to romance their prospective partners but that showing affection is a form of love. This for me is important as my hubby grew up not knowing how to show affection, over the years this has changed, I however came from a family where a showing of love, affection and unity were a way of life. Thank you my big boy for this special moment – love you heaps and bounds, mum xxx
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