Come Dine With Me

I really enjoy the UK show Come Dine With Me. The commentry cracks me up wiThout fail. Watching the new season makes me miss my Mum so so much as we always watched it together. Thanks Mum, only you could instill British humour in my already crazy, whacked little head. Here’s to family heritage. Shall I say, “chin-chin darling”

SunshineMac xxx


A Little White Lie.

Boys boys boys and with that – Chocoholics. A slab of chocolate wouldn’t even make it to the pantry let alone the joys of a wee bit daily. I have to seriously be craving a major dose of sugar should I ever finish a slab in one go.  Knowing the life span of the slightest bit of chocolate in our house I take comfort in the fact that I am the only dark chocolate eater in this little family. 

But I hit a snag . . .  my 6-year-old really enjoys testing his taste buds. He recently had an attempt at an oyster while at the Wine & Oyster Festival last month.  There was a moment I thought he would actually see it through but after a few chews and a really desperate look on his face, I knew the ‘spit it out’ had reached its point. Kudos to him for trying. His enjoyment of sushi is enough for me. 

Back to this delicious slab of dark chocolate. In trying to save my slab, greed and all well past a week before being devoured , I lied to my 6-year-old  when he asked for some of mine after finishing his. Mine was clearly different. ‘Uuuummm’ I said, ‘this is mom’s medicine, it’s got special vitamins in just for mom’s.’ Pfftt – it worked. My slab was mine and mine alone. Months had passed since I pulled this one-off. Yes, there were moments I felt a little guilty. Those brief moments would be about the same time as I was opening the fridge in search of a little block. Then one day, there was this familiar little voice again, ‘mom, are you having your medicine?.’ I looked over my shoulder into the big brown eyes of my son and just melted. ‘No my boy, this is mommy’s special chocolate, do you want to taste some and if you like it as much as mom does, promise to always ask before taking some.’ And there you have it – my son loves dark chocolate as much as every other kind of chocolate for that matter.  All in moderation of course. 

Life is too short to hog the chocolate and even shorter than that, are the blessed childhood years we share with our children before they leave the nest.  Make every day count. I often look back wondering where on earth have the years gone! At this stage, I don’t want my boys to grow up and leave the nest . . .  ever, but every day is a day closer to that day *sad face*


SunshineMac xxx

A Cake Is Not Just A Cake


Mom’s Smartie Cake

Another crafty post. This would be the most delicious cake I have ever made. Not the most spectacular but by far the one that didn’t last past the hour.  Knowing all thing chocolate are where it’s at in my house, for fathers day I decided to try this one out for my special man. After baking a lovely moist chocolate cake and icing it of course with chocolate icing. I used a party pack of Chomp bars, you could use anything similar like Kit-Kats or such for the sides. I topped the cake with smarties and lots of. I think overseas M&M’s would be similar – anything that is candy coated chocolate buttons will do all the same.  Both my big and small boys LOVED LOVED LOVED this cake so much so I had a request to repeat it for Austin’s birthday a few day later. Give it a try, no doubt it will be a hit in your home too.