Be That Easter – Come and Gone.

For as long as I can remember Easter was a time of Easter eggs, plenty chocolate boxes, roast lamb, baked veggies and a mountain of desserts. A house filled with grannies, granddads, uncles, aunties, cousins and the occasional family friend.

My fondest memory of an egg hunt was an early rise to find no Easter eggs. Searching the garden with my four siblings, we spotted plenty in the neighbour’s yard. As per the innocent thoughts and understandings of small children, we hopped over the fence and enjoyed the hunt. Upon our return home, our parents clearly gobsmacked questioned us with haste. Turned out the bunny forgot our house so while we were out in the garden the bunny seemed to have made an indoor visit. Under pillows, in the chest of draws, the odd shoe and so it went. Not sure of the technicalities regarding the returned neighbours eggs though.

Now married with three gorgeous sons, both my hubby and I combine our old traditions and incorporate new ideas into our Easter time celebrations. Mr doesn’t speak much about his childhood and how exactly they did things. Having little people in our home we count down the days with crafts used to highlight the reason for the season. On Easter Friday family time is spent decorating baskets. It’s the perfect time to reiterate what Good Friday is all about. Each basket has a red ribbon tied on the handle, this represents the blood He shed, the price He paid for us. My young teen however has brought to my attention that it is no longer age appropriate for him to hunt for eggs. Being so, I put together a chocolate basket hamper this year for him. He is not without Easter eggs though as the hollow egg has significance.

This year our 5-year-old beat us to the alarm, bouncing with excitement to get out into the garden. Nothing like moms stalling tactics to buy time while dad dashed out, pj’s and all. Camera in hand, baby in dads arms, baskets ready and off we went. I love the innocence, joy and much-anticipated excitement children bring to every occasion. Chocolate for breakfast and off to church we dash. Home for a delicious family roast, music, laughter and plenty family skype. A Lazy autumn afternoon with tummies so full all you want to do is nap but catching the sunset on this special day celebrating the Resurrection, sure is something never to be missed. Ending off with an outing to the local park for some ball games where another Easter has come and gone but the memories and lessons both shared and taught remain. Happy Easter to all who celebrate.



Nothing But Diapers

This has got to be the fastest, easiest and simplest nappy cake I’ve ever put together. Yet another baby shower gift for a friend expecting her first baby girl, the request was for nappies and plenty of.  This time I decided to go with 2 sizes up instead of newborn. Reasons being, no doubt she will have plenty if not too many of the newborn size and secondly, a few sizes up would mean she would not have to dismantle the cake immediately.  I went about it as follows:

  • A trip to the baby store entailed a double bag of diapers/nappies. Rubber bands, Pink ribbon, a round cake board, tissue paper, a teddy and a surprise gift of a non-alcoholic bottle of bubbly aka champagne.
  • Wrap the cake board with the tissue paper using sellotape or small press pins neaten it off underneath.
  • Sausage roll the diapers and fasten with a rubber band, do this with the whole pack.
  • Placing the bottle of champagne in the center of the cake board which helps too as a pillar when assembling the diapers around it. Build your first tier as wide as possible. As you assemble diapers forming rings around the bottle, use rubber band to hold them together. Continue until your cake board is pretty much filled.
  • Repeat this process for the second tier using one less final ring, and again for the final tier on the third tier.
  • Top the third tier with the teddy bear.
  • Lastly I used the pink ribbon to wrap around the tiers then glue on some silk flowers and butterflies. Looking back – next time I would rather a darker colour ribbon to hide the rubber bands.

Do share your creation – Happy Crafting.