Santa’s Mischievous Little Helper Or Is That A Manipulating Spy?


I love Pinterest. I have been inspired by so much on this little pin-board site in the last year. Over the Christmas period I went the ‘home-make’ gift route for a handful of friends and neighbours. Some, with a dash of humour adding that little sprinkle of ‘me’ to the finishing touches.

It was through Pinterest that I came to know of the Elf On The Shelf ‘new’ Christmas tradition. After a little research on Google I read the pros and cons from various parents and non-parents as to their views regarding the concept of this little Elf that visits your house daily only to report back to Santa evenings. Some parents get a little inventive as to the mischief your little Elf got to over night. I little contradiction since it is the Elf reporting on your childs behaviour through the day and taking any messages back for Santa ala Elf of mouth.

Needless to say, I for one, really liked the idea of the Elf On The Shelf for my two little ones who believe so much in the magic of Christmas. Hubby wasn’t impressed as he felt it was ‘demonic’ to bring such things into our house. Then again my hubby is a little grinch around this time too. But closer to the time, he snaps out of it. Thank-goodness quiet frankly. I joke and make him a packet of Grinch Pills aka red and green jelly beans. Take one a day to keep the grinch at bay ūüėČ ¬† is the note I attach. Boy do I love this man.

Of course Elf On The Shelf hasn’t hit South Africa yet – why would it since its launch in 2008. We get the dvds and books but not the actual elf doll. Thanks to my sister Kerry who has ordered our little Elf from a toy store in the USA. Pretty cool. Our Elf will only be able to join our family for next years Christmas though as he didn’t make the long shipment in time.¬†

Take a look at this families creative ideas for their Elf, Jingles –¬†

Thanks Pinterest – every year I like to add a little something special to our family Christmas traditions.

Merry Christmas to all who celebrated.



Siblings – A Bond Like No Other.

It’s the season about many celebrations, joy, giving, sharing and so it goes.
I was browsing through photos as I often do when such seasons come and go. So often, without fail – every photos tells a story, holds a memory and shares a joy. Here, in this photo are my siblings and our hubbies. There are a few children that have since joined our family – growing together as we journey through life. I miss them all so so very much especially on such occasions as Christmas. Love them all to the moon and back. . . And some.

Compliments of the season to all my readers and followers. May the season fill your hearts with warmth, love, laughter and so much happiness that you feel warm and fuzzy inside always.


Christmas Beetles

Christmas beetle jan 2007

Christmas beetle (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

It’s that time of year where the Christmas season has come around. Never quiet got why the malls feel the need to put up their Christmas decor 3 or 4 months before the time. I always think the last quarter is always rushed. So with that, the lights are up, trees out, music playing and special or sales everywhere.

In South Africa we have a little beetle simply known as the Christmas beetle. A small little brown thing that visits every evening. Should it fly in your hair or onto your shoulder, you suddenly become a ninja pro with yikes and sequels as their tiny little claw on the tip of their legs grips onto you while still buzzing.

But, sure enough – when the Christmas beetle arrives late October, you sure know the season has begun. Whip out the Christmas crafts, cookie cutters and¬†recipes. Blasting music from good ‘ol Bonny M, Maria Carey and Celine Dion. Let the seasons joy inspire memories for the treasure chest.


My Mom, I Pray.

I’m not sure if knowing when a loved one is going to die sooner than presumed is a blessing or a curse. We seem to have this¬†presumption¬†that we will all live to grow old and die peacefully in our sleep. ¬†It’s a given that your parents will reach their golden years, enjoy their grand children and even possibly treasured years with great grandchildren. ¬†So when I learnt that it is my mom that will not reach these years and see my children grow up long enough to finish their school years and maybe, just maybe even marry – this news to me felt like someone stuck their hand in my chest and ripped out my heart. I can’t imagine my life without my mom. My mother has been so much more than a mom in being a single parent. It’s far more reaching knowing what I know especially since my mom is also the last remaining adult left in my life. All these amazing family members that I grew up with, who guided me and moulded me – have since died. How so in the last ten years. It’s so surreal to me. My aunties, my uncles, my grandparents, my great gran, they are all gone.

Now, in time – my mom. To make this even harder, she immigrated. Her health¬†deteriorated¬†to the point one of us had to look after her. That someone is my little brother. We have such a tight bond and skype as often as possible. It’s not the same but it’s comforting and better than nothing. Video skype enables my mom to see her grandchildren and maintain the bond she has with them. I still can’t wait for her to be able to travel and come home and meet her newest grandson. I get angry at times that she is in the northern hemisphere while we are down here in SA. I know she is better off and needs to be where she is but it leaves me feeling so robbed of time, very precious time and events. I haven’t seen her now for 2 years, I always think in the back of my head – Christmas, Easter, Mothers Day, Birthdays etc . . . ¬†is this the last! I’m always hoping and praying for the next.

Not seeing her with all her medicines, pumps, oxygen machines and not having to witness a ‘shut down’ ¬†etc, at times makes me forget – just forget that there is a time limit. For now, I treasure every moment I can with her, taking it all in. It’s the most difficult conversation to ever have with your parent – their dying wishes. I know she was being subtle before she immigrated in finalising a few things. I chose to act ignorant because I didn’t and still don’t want to accept and acknowledge fully the ‘issue’ at hand.

I never knew what COPD was or that it even existed until it hit home. Advanced stages already they say. I will always pray for a miracle and everyday is just that.

Hug your mom today and appreciate any family you have, for you are blessed.