It’s Your Birthday, Little Brother.



Today is my little brothers birthday. Funny how we still call him our little brother when he is in his 30’s. Of all my siblings – I have a super special bond with my brother. I love most how we share the same wicked sense of humour and when we do a conference skype call with my mom, the house is on fire. No distance or continent or hemisphere can keep us apart. South Africa & The UK, no contest ­čśë

How awesome is my little brother ? Beyond awesome,so awesome in-fact that he called me up in 2008 and said, ‘how’s your passport looking?’ Why, I ask. ‘cos I’m online booking your ticket to the UK to tour England with mom and I – all expenses paid !!’ THAT’s HOW AWESOME MY BROTHER IS *massive smile*

I miss him most on days like this, not that any other day do I miss him any less. It’s the late nights up sipping coffee, while olden goldies hit the music box & we chat and chat and chat away. Laughter fills the air and conversation flows. I know mom baked his favourite chocolate cake today, where I joke he is lucky he doesn’t have to share it. A good ol’ braai, music, family, friends and Johnny Walker would have been the order of the day.┬áThink┬áI would have hit the Amarula somewhat.┬á

Here’s to you my little brother, whom I love more than I can ever put in words. We share┬áincredible┬áhistory, a lifes’ journey and an indescribable bond. Thank you for always being my rock, my counsellor, my bail out, my brother. You’ve taught me never to sweat the small stuff cos it’s all small stuff indeed, self love and just how worth it I am. BIG, HUGE, GIGANTIC HUGS *mwah* from your bestest sister ever ­čÖé




He’s My Brother


Yesterday marked the 27th year of my brothers passing. A day that changed life as we knew it forever. That video will and is stuck on replay in my memory forever. So often in life when we lose a loved one, we tend to always remember most the day of their death. That day was not their life. I had 10 years of my life shared with my big brother and it’s those years I chose to remember. Our birthdays, christmas days, sunday roasts at my grandparents house, our school years, holidays hanging out at our local public pool and most of all the mischief we got up to as a gang of sibling. Dean, being our big brother was the “leader of the pack” – we even sang that song : leader pack, and now his gone. I’ll try find the artist on YouTube and post it. Our favourite toy was our BMX‘s. Our first official wheels that we had many an adventure on. I miss Dean so very much and often wonder what and where he would be if he wasn’t called by God so young. I know all too well the pain in losing a sibling and could never conceive the pain my mother must feel in losing a child. They say time heals – I’m still waiting. In my experience, the emotions come and go in waves. Some days the waves are big and others, like a still low tide. Never ever forgotten, he’s Dean – my brother.
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