Happy First Birthday To You, My Boy.



The garden, the best playground for a little boy.



On October the 24th we celebrated our baby boys first birthday. A whole 365 days young. This little man of ours has brought so much love into our home, we are truly blessed to have welcomed him in our lifes journey. He wakes up smiling, laughs so easily at all and sundry, happy after a long adventurous day to cuddle with good night hugs and prayers before he lay in his cot ready to slip into his pleasant dream land.





Mr and I were up till the wee hours of the night baking his chocolate cake, we decided on a construction party theme. Not only is his grand-pops a Diesel Mechanic working on machines such as Diggers but it was a boy theme we hadn’t done yet after 14 years of ‘boy party’ planning. It was a fun filled day with water slides, braai and good friends (seeing as of the 14 million people living in Gauteng – not a single one is family !!) Happy Birthday our little man – we love you to the moon and back, always.


Digger Cake – Icing a fresh chocolate cake was no childs play.



Trick Or Treat ?!?

We are not big fans of Halloween and for many years we did not even contemplate the slightest involvement. My hubby felt it was very ‘un-Christian’ of us. My sister however always went all out with her girls, dressed up, made up and all geared for a good night of fun trick or treating with all the other little monsters.


Moms little vampire monster

A few years back I took the decision to join my sister on their next halloween adventure. We went down to the local commons where all the shop owners spoil the children with treats, the management cater with horror tunnels and decor throughout. Best dressed contests, live music and picnics see the littlest children through a fun filled evening. We then dinned and got our little people back home before the big, scary monsters came out to play. To me there was no harm in a little dress-up and fun. Hubby even joined in with all the other daddies with a little fake scar make-up etc. As I see it – where there is good, there is always a little bad too. Like-wise with bad, there will always be a little good too. Yin-yang. No harm in teaching our children as we can’t bubble wrap them all their lives.


Such a joy to see all the little one out and about too.

Monsters come in many disguises in the real word, not so. We like going to the commons as it’s a ‘safe’ environment set up for the children where I doubt we will come across sweets laced with drugs of sorts, though I am on guard for those dodgy sick Uncle types who prey on children in such an environment. It leaves me thinking – We teach our children never to take candy from a stranger yet we take them trick or treating. How’s that for a contradiction. Frankly to me, this is the perfect time to teach children exactly that. We frequent these particular shops and often chat to the staff. We ‘know’ them to a certain degree and we tag along sampling the candy now and again – just for good measure. ‘Yip – those ones are safe, mom  is still standing’


Mom’s Halloween Cake

So that was our halloween 2012, we didn’t go all out with the dress up as we were leaving that same night for our mid-week vacation. My little one was spoilt with plenty treats and silly tricks from his folks, like fake dog poop etc. I was so pleased to see him scoop cups full of candy and share with the children in our street who couldn’t make it to the commons. And that pretty much sums up an adventure that we don’t need to read too much into.

Three Tier Diaper Cake.

As so many of my close friends  are having babies,  with that all the baby showers are popping up, including my own. I decided to hone in to my creative thinking for a little something . . .  different.  I’ve always enjoyed a self-made gift as it adds something unique and special.  The appreciation is well received when one sees the time, effort and dedication gone in to the final product. Now Nappy Cakes are nothing new and can be made with various brands, tiers and products. There is such a wide variety in creativity when assembling one of these rather spectacular cakes.  The last Nappy Cake I made was a gift for a baby boy to be presented at a baby shower. A brief break down of how I went about it is as follows:

  • Within your set budget, buy a pack of disposable diapers, a few bottles, toiletries, toys, receiving blankets, ribbons, a cake board and anything you feel would add a personal touch. I for one chose a bottle of champagne.
  • Making a 3 tier cake this time, I began rolling the diapers inward as to keep the outside all white, then fastening them with a thin blue ribbon to hold the diaper in a ‘sausage’ form.
  • The amount rolled would depend on how many tiers your cake will be. I used the whole pack for obvious reasons. I placed the bottle of champagne centered on the cake board. This would be my special flare for when the parents pick away at the diapers once baby has arrived, they will get the champagne to celebrate. (a really good idea to use a non alcoholic bottle as the mother could be breastfeeding)
  • Building the diapers around the champagne bottle, creating your 2 or 3 tiers. Once all assembled and held together with either a receiving blanket or ribbons, you can slowly take out a random rolled diaper and replace it with a baby bottle, a toiletry like baby powder, shampoo, cream, rattle etc
  • I like to top the Nappy Cake with a teddy and helium balloon or such. Then add baby teethers or so under the big ribbon holding the different tiers in place.

Every Nappy Cake I have made has been unique. I have not only enjoyed creating and assembling the final product but mostly – presenting the cake when arriving at a baby shower has been a great joy and well received by all. Often it lands up being the center piece too on the gift table.

I know with my sons Diaper Cake, I took it apart slowly and rather reluctantly as it was so special.  Have fun making yours and please do share your creation. Happy crafting.