About Me

Brothers & Sisters.

Born in Zimbabwe to a young beautiful mother one glorious spring day of November in the 70’s. I spent my youngest years learning to walk on the banks of the wild Zambezi under the watchful protective eyes of my parents. After spending my youth in small cities like Harare and Bulawayo we arrived in South Africa by the early 1980’s. It was around this time the sun set on Rhodesia and rose as the now known Zimbabwe. Growing up in the small mining community of Rustenburg we made our way to the City Of Gold aka Johannesburg around 1986. Being raised by a single mother with five siblings I recall most the love, the knitted bonds and the incredible history our family share. Music was our language and legends shared our passion. Lennon, Queen, Janis, Jimmy boy were but a few names etched in my youth as I remember the family laughter, singing and dancing around the house week-ends. The kitchen was where it all happened. Married now to a fantastic man raising three sons. Combining old traditions with new creations. Writing our lifes journal as we venture on. Life is wonderful when you choose to count your blessings, take a step back and absorb the beauty that surrounds us. Remember yesterday, live for today and always hope for tomorrow, That is SunshineMac xxxxx




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