A Copy, Paste, Share.

Shocking story…not that I would expect anything else from this corrupt and hypocritical govt !!

Coral Spencer ArtistThe two paramedics who rushed to help my daughter this morning asked me to put this on face book and to write to the authorities about the situation.Its not comfortable writing about this because we all wish we could live in a world where colour didnt mater at all. The two Indian ambulence men were good and kind and really wanted to help my daughter. they thought she had a spinal injury and were… besides themselves because they were told they were not allowed to transport her to a hospital because she didnt have medical aid and needed to have an authorisation to do so. I explained that she only had a hospital plan. They told me that it was actually because she was white. They said that they are a municipal ambulence and that they spent every day collecting folks of all colour to the hospitals for free because most folks in South Africa dont have medical aid and they are meant to be for free. Unless you are white without medical aid, then they dont give clearance. I heard them pleading with their boss on their radios, to no avail. They said this is on the increase and it’s really affecting their ability to carry out their jobs. I offered to pay cash, they said it wouldnt help, they knew she was white and would only transport white people if they had medical aid, because they wanted the medical aid to pay. Even though they spend most of their day collecting every other race for free. They said municipal ambulences are free to all tax payers. Well I’m one too. I transported her in my car myself after waiting for 2 hours for a clearance that never came. They were very apologetic, and asked me to take this further. I told the nurses when we got to the hospital and they all looked embarassed but said yes that is what is happening. Not sure how to take this further for them. Do I just roll over and take it on the chin like we have come to do so often?


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