Prayers For Oklahoma.




Twitter never sleeps and is always the social media that has the breaking news on the hour in the hour. Anderson Coopers tweets got me to turn of the telly at midnight South African time. A tornado had passed through Oklahoma moments before and no news of fatalities had yet to be reported. I had such a heavy heart when watching the CNN footage of the elementary school. Where is the school?, what is left of it?. Please tell me there were no children inside – were my thoughts. Please God, send your angels, they are needed there.

Being late here, having fallen asleep a few times on the couch, I eventually went off to bed. Prayers for Oklahoma. I woke this morning and flipped the channel between BBC and CNN. 91 souls lost to count. 20 of which – children. Mother Nature showing her cruel side and just how fragile life is. 

Prayers for all in Oklahoma, RIP to all the souls lost. My sincere condolences to their families and friends at this devastating time.



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