When Tragedy Strikes

I have such a heavy heart today, I can’t begin to imagine the emotional rollercoaster my friend *Tammy must be going through. I blogged about her father who passed due to AIDS mid 2012.

Today when I gave her a call to catch up now that the Christmas season is over, Tammy tells me her Christmas was not good. Why? I ask. Her reply ‘my husband was murdered on thursday.’ I went cold – why? how? what on earth !!!

He was shot and killed due to a mugging. Words…  fail me. He was young, newly wed. Tammy is young and they have a little daughter. WHY ?? Why murder – take the goods but why then murder and destroy families and lives. 

Times like these, I can only offer my presence, my shoulder, my ears. Nothing I could possible say would take her hurt away.

God Bless my friend, I’m here for you – always.


4 thoughts on “When Tragedy Strikes

      • Thank you. I am just getting over a messy year and pushing forward. I am finally at the point where my thoughts are no longer consumed with the “family crisis” we once had… and there were a lot of them. I keep thinking about my readers like you and can’t wait to move on; as I hope that you and your friend will be able to do soon. Hugs is all I can offer you right now since I know that words cannot comfort the soul as much as a hug can; even if it is a digital hug. 🙂

      • Good to hear you are positive about moving forward.Life has it’s mountains and it’s valleys. Sometimes it’s smooth sailing and others it’s a storm. I realized when I went through the toughest year of my life in 2011 – that woman are survivors and like a teabag, we don’t know how strong we are until we are in hot water. May 2012 be a year of lessons that teach and mould you for years to come that you grow further in character, and wisdom yet remain a beautiful soul. I’ve learnt over the years that death is very much a part of life but not in malicious ways. Thank you for your hugs, stay strong 🙂

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