The Donkey In The Living Room.

I’m not one to force my religion upon anyone so I don’t, however I would love to share this link with all Christians or religious folk seeking to keep Christ in Christmas. I adore this tradition shared by Sarah. It has the same concept as Elf On The Shelf but with keeping to the reason for the season. How special a moment when a family uses a nativity set to tell the story of Christ s birth with an interactive twist involving the whole family. How’s that for creative thinking and story telling adding a little more glue to that family bond and treasured memories.

I know Christmas 2012 has just passed and if I had stumbled upon this sooner I would have had the book already. Orders can be placed for e-books or soft-cover through It is very affordable too. Remember you need a nativity set too which you can purchase from any store in your area I’m sure should you not have one already.

Read all about Sarah Raymond Cunningham and her book here:

The Donkey In the Living Room: A Tradition That Celebrates the Real Meaning of Christmas




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