What’s With Us & Horror Movies?

I remember as a child watching the Nightmare On Elm Street movies. I can still recall the song the kids sang before Freddy did his dirty. 

1,2 Freddies coming for you. 3,4 Better lock your door. 5,6 Grab your crucifix. 7,8 Never stay up late. 9, 10 You’ll never sleep again.

Closing my eyes ever so tight, fingers in my ears and the huuummmmm to block out the sound. Is it over, is it over yet – I would ask my siblings. My heart pounding in my chest and my hands sweating. It was as bad as the movie IT. Still to this day I cannot look at that Ronald McDonald clown without seeing IT !! I really do get why kids fear clowns more than the dark. I never found them funny as a kid and still feel the same way as an adult. I kid you not when I say I am yet to meet a kid who actually does like or not fear clowns.

Having said all that – Why, I ask – do we subject ourselves to horror movies. What is it that keeps us so intrigued and curious vs pure fear. That horror music played just increases the tension more so. I laugh at my friend who calls me to say she is watching a horror alone at home and is now far to fearful to go to bed. Rule #1 Never sit through a horror movie alone. That’s as dumb as the person in the horror movie who goes into the dark, creepy basement to investigate a noise shouting, ‘is anyone there?’

And so, years on I see history repeating itself with my teen son asking me to please stay up so he can watch some ridiculous horror about some mutant insects that hide in the subway munching away on late commuters. I add a little humorous commentary to lighten the load. Nothing like the rip off movies like Scream though. They make for the best mum and son movie nights when everyone else has called it a night.

As for Freddy, Jason and the likes – watching the movies now compared to todays with higher standards of graphics and technology with sound effects etc –  good ol’ Freddy seems silly. 

Yeh, I sure do miss being a kid snuggled in our fortes for the night peeping through the ‘door’ watching the nights movie.



2 thoughts on “What’s With Us & Horror Movies?

  1. LOL! And I watched a scary movie the other night and at my age, when I was going to bed down my dark passage I suddenly sprinted for fear of someone behind me! LOL!

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