Obama For President, Signed, Sealed, Delivered.


Sign, sealed, delivered. I will always think of Pres. Obama when I hear that song now.


What I love most about this man, US President Barack Obama – is the way he loves his wife, Michelle,  followed by his daughters. They say behind every great man, is an even greater woman. A picture speaks a thousand words and you can just see the love between these two. Role models for so many beyond American boarders. I like how ‘human’ he is, rolls up his sleeves and gets with the people. A peoples president.

I watched the elections through-out the night, as did so many across the globe. To the point I passed out on the couch. Woke up somehow in my bed and hubby gone. He felt I was ‘snoring’ so nicely, he just couldn’t wake me ;). Apparently a kiss on the forehead and a whisper good-bye. First thing I did was grab my mobile and hone onto twitter – Has America called it yet ??? Who has won.

It hadn’t been called but as I read the tweets I was convinced Mitt Romney had won. Every tweet was Romney has taken this state and that and that too. About 10 minutes after, it was called. Barack Obama has won the US Presidential election for a second term. Euphoria – our entire country seemed to be rooting for President Obama. Our radios stations were going, twitter, facebook and my telly on CNN was detailing the statistics. It was a close election indeed. 

I stayed glued waiting for the Presidents speech, I mean – who the heck wasn’t. And a powerful speech it was indeed. Especially the last part. Give the man his dues, he can sure deliver a speech to fire up hopes, dreams and more. I felt sad not to be an American, sort of – left out. I sent a congrats to the Presidents twitter address as well as the first lady – and to all my American friends too. The US embassy here kept us up to date with the on goings too. To a certain extent you would think the world felt it was their election too. And maybe it is. As a world super power, you carry a lot of clout. World peace in itself is a huge responsibility – try elaborating that to those ‘stupid’ beauty queens. 

The state of Colorado to legalise marijuana and others, medical marijuana !! I bet the parents from the 60/70’s are thinking – Lets do Woodstock reunion there, won’t know who your daddy is but heck we have DNA testing now. 

Politics is politics and always will be a sure thing. So with that I say, CONGRATULATIONS to all Americans, especially the democrats. May the next four years see the promises made – kept. And the bumpy ride of moving forward, endured. 

If life is that hard and you feel robbed or worse – come to Africa. You’ll soon realised what a blessed democratic country you have with a peoples president, where like Barack said – people die just for the right to vote. 

God Bless America.




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