Remember, Remember The 5th Of November!

Fireworks #1

Fireworks #1 (Photo credit: Camera Slayer)

Remember remember the 5th of November, Gunpowder, treason and plot. I see no reason, why gunpowder treason. Should ever be forgot.

Fireworks are so pretty to watch and for years we would drive down to the designated area to watch the displays put on. Never really giving much thought to our fury friends out there who endured hours of nightmares. Fireworks were officially banned in our country for some time now. I must admit, I’m all for the ban. But I do miss the spectacular displays. A good friend of mine sent an email today stating fireworks now permitted between 19h00 and 22h00.

Bitter sweet I’d say. So many fools out there abuse this event harming animals and more. We always see the headlines the next morning of the aftermath. A photo of a dog has never left me after it had a fire cracker put in its mouth. Sick, warped, psychotic beings out there. Sadly in South Africa – harming animals is not considered a criminal offence. Without harsh consequences such acts will continue. I read an article over the weekend of a small dog having being rescued from the streets where a hunting arrow pierced her from one side right through the other.  She had to be euthanized.  Not a week goes by without such a story making the headline one way or another. 

I have to consciously switch off to reading most the news, both local and international as it’s enough to put one in a depressive state of mind. We live among so seriously sick ‘human beings’.

Hubby came home for lunch and we got chatting about tonight’s fireworks in our neighbourhood. Best we be comforting our little dogs, especially Toby as he is petrified of loud noises. A good movie and couch cuddles. When we first married, we would sit on our roof with a bottle of champagne and watch random fireworks displays across the neighbourhood. Mmmm I miss that, climbing up is one thing – coming down at my age has become a little daring. There is something about burning money that we just don’t find so appealing – Guy Fawkes Day 2004 my sister bought a fireworks bundle that once lit – put on a continuous display for 30 min, which we got permission to do so on the beach.  Somehow, I think I could have used R5000 more constructively, even though it was a night to remember.  Tonight, the boys will enjoy a few silent rainbow sparklers in the garden for a pittance of around R10 per box of 20 (that would be under $1 –  under strict responsible supervision of course. 

Whatever you may choose to do on your Guy Fawkes Day today – keep all pets in mind, that goes for horses and ponies too 😉 Be responsible and think twice at the true cost.

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