Election Day In The US Tomorrow.

I don’t follow much when it comes to politics but I do keep my ear to the ground, not only in my own country but the likes of Australia, America, the UK and somewhat the Middle East. 

In doing so, I have watched many hours of CNN’s coverage of the US Presidential elections tomorrow. I enjoyed most setting my alarm for 2am or 3am to catch the Presidential debates. If only South Africas two main political parties went head to head like that. If only . . . 

I’ve watched and listened to unemployment stats etc – thinking wow, the US only has 8% unemployment rate and that’s considered bad. Try our 24% plus and rising. So much criticism of Obama and the list goes on but all I can say is – Heck, do you wanna swap presidents. Ours has just spent R240 million on building a private residential estate for himself and his 6 or so wives with our tax money. I’m not going to open this can of worms but a simple google might – just might shed a little light on the fat cats, chunks of pie and corruption lining pockets.

I happen to follow Barak Obama on Instagram and Twitter – to me, he is a peoples president. Somehow I like him. As the debates went on about how a Democrat came into a mess made by a previous Republican – I’m being vague here but I know most of you will read between the lines there.

I had my niece throw in a comment about the Australian PM a few weeks back. Heck – swap with us. Just for a term. I would love to have Barak Obama take a term here. My niece was quick to take her Prime Minister back when I commented on a swap. But then again – I wouldn’t want to swap even our president for others of African countries or even the middle east. It’s interesting, entertaining and educational to follow politics but at a serious long arms length.

Here’s to you Mr Obama – may you win the presidential elections and serve another term. All the best with the elections from me – a non american, plodding through life at the bottom of the southern hemisphere enjoying the simple things life has to offer as I quietly cough up my taxes.




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