A Little Goes A Long Way.

While out at the grocery store with my hubby and boys, we were walking the aisles picking and choosing what may be then plonking our goods into our shopping basket. When we first walked in I noticed a man – he stood out as he was clearly homeless. Dirty, torn broken clothes, very thin etc. This is pretty much normal in South Africa as we have beggars practically at every set of traffic lights that exist. In the corner of my eye I watched him walk from the prepared cooked meals section of the store, to the butchery side of it. He was brief. This was because he look straight at the prices and walked off. My heart was heavy, there stood a hungry man in a grocery store – starving. Surrounded by so much food but not a bite could he afford.

I asked my hubby to support what I was about to do – I walked up to him, introduce myself and told him, ‘put what you want into your basket and it will be paid for, May God Bless you’

Hubby was obviously with me and as I continued our shopping he got chatting with this man. What a nice person he was. He was from Limpopo, desperate for work. He though Joburg would have better options and opportunities. He was well spoken and had a basic education. 

He told us which park he was staying at. Hubby said he would meet him there the next day to chat further and see if we could help him find work. We went there the next morning as arranged but the man was nowhere to be seen.

Hope wherever he is, that he is safe, warm and some work comes his way.

I began thinking back to my elder sister who every time we were out shopping and saw a child crying for a toy or sweets, my sister would randomly pay for them. Don’t get me wrong – the children in question would be of a parent not in a good financial place – and you could just tell.  No, these parents weren’t in a toy store but often our grocery stores also have toys and sweets at the check out point. 

Thanks Mom, for raising us as such, you lead by example.

As I always say to my children, there are plenty people out there who have more than you, but you also have much more than others. Counting Blessings.


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