Happy Anniversary To Us.


Yesterday my hubby and I celebrated fourteen years as a married couple. No marriage is without it’s downs but we sure make sure the downs are worth the fights. We shared the most challenging year of our marriage last year and to say we survived it, will be an understatement. Yesterday hubby and spend a lovely day together, alone – shopping, then lunch, home to be with out boys and then out for a dinner date. I feel it is so important to show love and affection in front of our children. If we don’t show hugs, cuddles and silly dances together, how will they as boys to men, know how to romance, date or treat their future life partners.

They are boys so of course my eldest is always saying – eew yet my middle childs reaction being the opposite. Boy my big boys spoil me with little acts of love. My little one makes cards, picks flowers and recently started making us ‘coffee’ in bed. It’s hard to sip warm water overdosed with coffee granules but as parents we do so with a smile and absolute appreciation 🙂 How parenting repeats itself as I recall very well serving my mother tea in bed made from warm tap water and a teabag not given the chance to draw.

We sat on the sofa yesterday paging through our wedding album and the rather bad quality of photos taken. Funny how looking back you see guests who you are no longer in contact with, whos partners have since changed and even the uninvited guests who just pitched like they had a welcoming right – yes, we had some of those.

Part message from my man: ‘Happy anniversary my sexy babe. Fourteen great years that have had their ups and downs. We’ve both learnt perseverance which builds character and most importantly gives us hope, which has made our bond stronger, love you.’

Photo was taken while out for lunch yesterday 🙂

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