National Braai Day.

Monday the 24th of September was our countries National Braai Day. A public holiday at that. What is a ‘braai‘ you ask?, well in other countries such as the USA, England, Australia to name but a few – you may know of a braai as a BBQ 🙂

A good old original braai would consist of spiced marinated tender meat of all sorts grilled to perfection over hot, smoking coals or briquettes. Be it chicken, fish, prawns, tender steak, borewors (our traditional braai sausage) veggie skewers, grilled corn on the cob, garlic loaf and maybe a few potatoes wrapped in foil, spiced and left tendered to while baking amongst the hot coals.  Beetroot, coleslaw, fresh buns and a delish fusion green salad – and whalla. Excellent company, gorgeous wine, brilliant music and you’re set to go.  Summer time, the smell of braai smothers the air, enough to make you start your own – fast. Freshly cut green lawn and a swimming pool is much of the life of a South African during summer time.

I heard in some countries, one may not braai over coals, wood or briquettes as we do here for fear of triggering a forest fire such as the ones experienced in California USA this year (which I have followed on Instagram) and Australia over the last years.  

Note to self – don’t buy a wooden house on the backdrop of a forest in a country where such fires are a serious and real threat. 


Every weekend is a braai weekend. As the battle of the tongs begins between father and son.

Have a blessed weekend


2 thoughts on “National Braai Day.

  1. We weren’t permitted to have a bbq during the summer when we lived in Greece due to the forest fire risk. In our area of Bulgaria we are fine as long as we are careful, much to our relief. I love bbq’s.

    • I never knew Greece suffered wild fires, I have learnt something new today. I too could not live without being able to braai, it’s a huge part of our culture. Somehow, a gas braai just doesn’t flavour the food the same.

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