My Dream House.


This picture has been on my laptop for some time now. It’s my dream house. Knowing myself, I would probably change the outside wall colours to something more natural and neutral.

I so miss living out in the country-side. I grew up living mostly on the most beautiful plots as we call them here in South Africa.  When my hubby and I broke the news to my family that we will be living out in the country again, we had many emails and phone calls advising us otherwise due to safety.  I have never felt as safe as I do, living out in the country. In all our years living on plots, we were only ever robbed once. My sons quad motorbike was stolen but hear this – it was lifted over our cars and taken out of our garage without setting any alarms off. We woke to our concrete wall knocked out. My son noticed footprints in the sand that my husband followed. To our luck, we found it, hidden in the bushes of the near by veld (open field of long grass). My husband was watched by two men sitting near by as he threw the branches off the bike and pushed it back home.  There were a few attempts on the thieving of the quad. To the point, I joked about just leaving it out on the driveway with a huge ribbon. It was after-all insured and I felt our lives were worth far more than this quad bike.  Needless to say – after the third attempt, they gave up trying.

Below I have included photos of the garden of our country side home. I sure miss it so much.


ImageSpot our house peeping out the top right there 🙂

Our back yard, so to speak, was a private golf course. What’s the point of rolling lawn without a real purpose. We had plenty ‘golf days’ with family and friends. It’s here and because of this, that my now 6 year old took to golfing. By age two, he put most people we knew to shame with his accurate swing. For his second Christmas, we invested in a real, proper child size golf set. Sadly in November of last year – it ‘vanished’ off the removal truck while relocating.  He was devastated.


Plenty memories flowing through my pretty little head while looking at these. Copious amounts of picnics, crab fishing, frog searching at night, treasure hunts, Easter egg hunts, sunset strolls, snakes visiting  etc took place here.

As for our dream house, hubby and I love thatch, country cottage style living. We both agree my dream house is something suitable to our characters, style and family. Who knows what the future holds 🙂

Beautiful, isn’t it?

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