Living In No Mans Land.

Currently we are in the early stages of our immigration process. It is not a quick simple fill out a form, submit and dash kinda process. It is however a lengthy and expensive one to say the least.

I love life in Africa, it runs in my blood and leaving I know was not an easy decision taken lightly. My life is here, my history, my family. So why then, is probably what you are thinking.

For many personal reasons but first and foremost, my sons. My husbands immediate family left some 7 or so years ago. The crime states were released this morning and I won’t deny, even though there is an apparent decrease, we have great concern for the level of violent crime in our country, House robbery, murder and rape were particularly worrying for hubby and I. Most house robberies include murder and rape so the link is pretty obvious as to these particular three being highest on the list.

Such figures are not a shock anymore. Sadly, it’s become the norm is a sordid way. Not a single family, including my own, have not been victims or affected by violent crime in our lives.

I’m not saying the grass is greener on the other side, but my in-laws have assured us it is far safer. My sons will have an equal opportunity in the work force too. Half my family have immigrated already too. Going over the pond, I too will have some family which is a huge deal when relocating your entire life as you know it. My husband has a really good bond with his father whom he hasn’t seen in 9 years. We since have 2 more sons ‘gramps’ has never met. Family is important. My father in law knows time is a given in life. Almost a decade lost already.  He prayers and dreams of the day he will finally be able to see his son, my hubby – in the flesh. I’m very sure it will be a very emotional day indeed.

So with all this being the process, our lives are on hold. I feel like we are living in no mans land. Until we know the outcome of our applications, we can’t move forward. Buying a house is on hold, a new car to accommodate our little big family is on hold, schools, retirement blah blah blah. We have our own home based business too, so do we continue to grow it or hold back for now. Like I said – pfft. I have continued with my swimming instructors course which is almost complete as I hope to go into that field in our possible new country.

My mother who immigrated with my brother to the UK has advised me that it will be very hard at first but to stick it out for the first 2 years as home sickness will kick in, along with many other ways of life missed. But to be open to change and acceptance of a new way of living and culture. My mom is terminal and I really miss her so so much. Skype sure is a blessing but never quiet the same.

With all that said, we continue our lifes journey, whatever may be. As I always say to my hubby – As long as you hold my hand, no matter where life takes us, we will be okay.

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