Snow . . . in Johannesburg !!

They last time Joburg had a little snow fall was back in 1981. This however is much debatable between hubby and I as I have a photo of my Gramps in the garden of his Joburg home having built a snow man. That photo I’m seem to think is from 1987. Needless to say – the scales are leaning towards hubbys year as I am yet to have a single friend agree with me on my date. Sigh (as she smiles)

The 7th of August 2012 it snowed for the first time since. No blizzards as we see in the UK or USA. In fact I had a little giggle at everyone’s over the top excitement when these tiny tiny little specks of ice fell from the sky, melting seconds after landing.

The boys were so excited at this wee event. As the day went by the snow fell more and more. Nope, still no blizzard. Reports on the news spread fast as the snow fell more and more in various areas. The photos began popping up, snow angels, snow men, snow ball throwing etc. Everyone was on a high for life. We had our share eventually where the boys ran outside and bounced barefoot on the trampoline catching the snow in their mouths.

The weirdest thing though – the sky would open, the sun would shine in between and the snow would stop. And so it carried on throughout the day.
For us here in South Africa – it really is a very rare occasion to have a little snow so yes, it was a big deal 🙂

How awesome is snow – we loved it.

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