Where’s The Remote !

How is it that all of six years old, my little one has learnt rather quickly that ‘he who has the remote, controls the telly.’
It has become the battle of the remote in our house. My little one sets his channel of cartoons and then hides the remote. At first I never quiet caught on to what his game plan was. Every time I asked where the remote was – ‘I don’t know mom’ Searching the couches, cushions, under coffee tables etc I discovered his hiding place. Standing up on the inside of the coffee table leg.

Clever kid I tell you. When I finally realised he was in fact stashing the remote, I asked him BUT WHY?. My little man proceeds to explain, ‘ Mom, every-time dad or Austin walk in the lounge, they change my movie and it makes me sad’

My heart had a little melt at his sensitivity. I must admit, I did have a little laugh. There really is a battle for the remote and how could there not be with three males in the house. You’re probably wondering why not just put a telly in the bedrooms. We did do that previously. I didn’t like how it separated the family and slowly I watched my children withdraw into ‘that’ world. The Y generation as they call it. So, nope – no tellys in the bedrooms. Not even for the Playstation or Wii. Guess I’m a little old school then, no harm in that.


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