An Oldie But A Goldie

When my mom finalised her decision to immigrate, naturally she went though all life’s remaining documents and arranged a large envelope for each of my siblings and I. In it were the likes of our original birth certificates, citizenship papers and even certified copies of my fathers birth and death certificates. Apparently should one ever decide to immigrate too these documents – even my fathers, will be needed. These documents are more rare and worth more than the paper they are printed on as should they every get lost or damaged in any way. New ones are next to impossible to obtain. Reason being. Well – try get anything out of Zimbabwe, especially the archives.

I cried when I went through the contents of my envelope. There were childhood photos and small memorabilia my mom had kept that I clean forgot about. One such thing was this (uploaded photo) The inscription on the back reads ‘ Mothers Day 14th May 1987′ With it, I began reminiscing.  The many mothers days we shared through my childhood. Being of a single parent family, money wasn’t always available and to be honest – I haven’t a clue how my mom pulled it off but never did we go without. If there was a camp – somehow, we went. A school outing, a new outfit, an outing … my mom made it happen. Love – we grew up with so much love in our home, something no amount of money can buy. We even got pocket-money every month and for the month of May, we saved our pennies for moms pressies. Sometimes we would combine our stash and get something extra special.

I am naturally creative and over my school years actually won the year-end awards for creativity. I could take next to nothing and create a something. This particular mothers day badge I made with crêpe paper, a serviette and one of my bangles.  Our home crafted gifts were always given with a home-made good ol’ english breakfast and warm tea. We would make moms tea from the hot water of the kitchen tap !!! Tea was the last thing to go on the tray so we hurried it along. Serving mom breakfast cold as we cooked everything one at a time. Thinking back now – yuk !! but never did my mom show just how yuk cold eggs and bacon actually were. She would smile and ssssllllooowwwlllyy eat up. My brothers would venture out and pick a bouquet of wild flowers for mom and fill the house with what could sometime smell rather stinky. If they manage a garden gate rose or five that would grace the breakfast tray too. Mothers Days were spent being together and pampering mom through-out the day. Be it a picnic in the park or a  drive through the local game reserve, something special was always had.  *sigh* I miss my childhood, especially having us all under one roof.  But we all eventually grow up and branch off, after-all it’s the circle of life.

What’s your fondest memory of Mothers Day?

6 thoughts on “An Oldie But A Goldie

      • I have one daughter and Hubby came with two, but they were grown when we got together. I had my daughter when I was barley 16. She never liked me and mom was sure to reinforce what a bad mother I was, very long story. I do have grandchildren. Our eighth is due in September. I have some good memories of when they were young.

      • Sorry to hear of your mothers interference at a time she should have been guiding and helping you. I hope precious ‘grannys day’ memories followed with your grandchildren. In our family all mothers are celebrated. Congratulations on the expectant little one to follow. So exciting when the family expands.

  1. Such a lovely post. My lovely memories of mothers day are very similar with regards to the tea and breakfast. My mum ended up with cold toast and marmalade and half a cup of tea as we always spilled it on the way up the stairs! The ironic thing is that she actually likes her toast cold now, little did we know what a trend we would start 🙂

    • I can imagine. Yes the ‘half a cuppa tea’ I can relate to that. Now that we are older, we look back and laugh. My mom tells us she fought very hard at not hurting our feelings by eating her breakfast. It’s my turn now but thank goodness hubby supervises.

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