Doing The Happy Dance.

Why on earth would she be doing the happy dance you ask? 

Because I just received the fantastic news that I am going to be a  – wait for it . . .  GREAT AUNTY !! – again.

Hold on, does that make you think ‘heck she must be old’. On the contrary, still cruzing my thirties. Even so, I am thrilled to receive the super awesome news of our family tree branching out even further down under.  Congrats to my niece Sian whom I miss plenty, on her fantastic news. My sister Debbie would be smiling more so today from heavens gates.  Granny Debs or is that Nana Debs ?!?  Another little Aussie baby in the making.  Can’t wait to meet little Ava and now little bub in the near future. 

As I raise my big glass of milk in celebration – (((Big Cheers))) Sian & Josh,and of course little big sister Ava 😉



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