Save Our Rhino

If I can reach just one person, one organisation out there to please sit up and notice. In my beautiful country of South Africa we take great pride in our wildlife and our BIG FIVE. The big five consist of our RHINO, Lion, Elephant, Buffalo and Leopard. These animals are represented on our currency too.

I fall to my knees when I see the headlines ‘another rhino – poached’ It’s torture to tranquillize one of these magnificent animals and hack off it’s horn for the black market. A Rhino horn is made up of no more that your finger nail. Compressed hair. Ingesting it will not and does not have any medicinal purpose.

We have almost 5000 left here in South Africa, but for how long. Every 20 hour – yes you read right – 20 hours, a Rhino is poached in our country. Do the math. It won’t take long before they are officially extinct. It is beyond conceivable and leaves one gutted. Will my grandchildren make it to ever see such a magnificent animal in the wild, or worse, ever even see one period !!

This link is graphic, it’s real, it’s happening as we speak. It angers me when foreigners come here with their $$$ and have the audacity to ‘purchase’ one for a kill. Firstly, that is not hunting. Secondly – WHY ?? I get more angry that our govt seems to have no limit to what is for sale and where the buck stops.Everything seems to have a price tag.  We have plenty celebrities visit and really leave here having experienced Africa – none of which is without having been to the bushes, game reserves and national parks to see our very dear wildlife. There is no Africa if not with its rich array of animals.

I often think to myself, with all our high walls, personal cctv and electric fences around our houses – WHY not the same in the form of a sanctuary for our Rhinos. Poaches have no boundaries as even private game reserves have fallen victim.

A group of our countries musicians came together and produces a cd called simply ‘Save Our Rhino’. Google it and buy the cd – the sales are in aid of support in fighting this battle. This is so very near and dear to my heart. Often having seen Rhino in game reserves leaves me in awe at how amazing our planet is and it is our responsibility to care and protect our wildlife, our animals and more. Can you imagine the pain of being alive while being hacked – pregnant Rhino and babies are not spared.

Here’s one of many YouTube links:


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