The Mechanics Of Things.

Having a Diesel Mechanic father-in-law I can’t say the apple fell too far from the tree when it comes to the next generation and so forth in the obsession of mechanics. My husband grew up on off road motorbikes and so it went without saying when it came to our sons.  Hubby spent quiet some hours with his dad in the garage while working on CAT engines and the like. Even if fuses were short, precious time spent with ones father is just that – precious memories and time never to be regained. 

I’m very proud of my son who recently took his 9 year old quad that hasn’t been ridden for at least 2 years, (bruised and battered by mother nature too), apart and somehow reassembled it cleaned, oiled and serviced. Wallah – it runs. Austin is self taught in doing this. Obviously he spends time with hubby working on the car when mechanical things are done with maintaining the cars engines etc. We realise this is where some of his strengths lay too and hope to nurture his talents here, if that is the direction he would like to take. He’s still young and we all know how our hobbies and aspirations change.

After our weekly sunday chat with my father-in-law, the thought crossed my mind that without a doubt my mother-in-law could relate to the expletives of a mechanic in the house.  Something like this I’d say:

  • Every main door handle has greasy paw prints, the fridge door too.
  • My Tupperware are dwindling only to discover they are secretly used to drain motor oils and clean nut, bolts and the likes.
  • Somehow the dish towels vanish, the grease fairy somehow stole them.
  • What do you mean wear an overall – ones daily clothes will do. Holes and grease to initiate them.
  • Who’s toothbrush is missing now, I’ve spotted a greasy look-a-like in the missing tupperware hidden in the garage filled with nuts, bolts and titbits.
  • Everything is a work surface – eventually. From the patio table to the trampoline. Naturally this doesn’t bode well with me.
  • Oiled shoe prints walked through the house *scream*
  • What? Grease layered clothing in the washing machine? I think not my boy. 

All this, raising sons. I wouldn’t have it any other way. I don’t deny I do have my days when I lose my tether but more often than not, my hubby and sons just laugh. They think it’s hilarious to be in the dog box and tease the ‘chosen one’ on my receiving end. Obviously I can’t laugh or even smile back or my attempt to discipline would prove futile, and hubby knows this. 

I raise my glass to all moms out there raising sons. Future men, husbands and fathers. Parenting isn’t easy but it is so worth it. (((Big Hugs))). 

5 thoughts on “The Mechanics Of Things.

    • I can only imagine since it’s only when you need the missing item that you realise it’s grown legs. Funny thing is when out shopping and I add more tupperware, hubby always says, “don’t we have enough of those” My reply – Never at the rate they grow legs. How many brothers do you have?

      • I’ll try again, internet connection is so bad! I have two brothers but dad was a motor mechanic by trade so it was kind of inevitable that things would go missing and everything in the house was always covered in oil or swarfega!

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