OCD Anyone !

We all have that one thing that we just can’t let slip regardless. I seem to have passed my little OCD onto my sons according to my hubby.  I really have a disturbing thing about a public lavatory and would seriously consider peeing in my pants than have to use one.  To me – it just has to be the most unhygienic place frequent by many carrying plenty microscopic un-welcomes. Have you ever noticed just how many people use a public loo and walk out not having washed their hands.  What goes through my overactive brain when it comes to such a place is this:

Person walks into loo, does ones business, gets off loo and hopefully takes the time to flush. Now in my head, those very hands that could have mis-wiped or messed on or something, then unlocks and opens that very public door as did plenty before you. That very door handle and lock is pure filth – microscopic that is.  Now having transferred these little micro-organisms you walk to the tap in the hope that you are one of the few who actually does wash your hands. Opening the tap in doing so you have now further transferred those nasty critters onto the tap. A squirt of liquid soap, a wash and rinse only to have you touch that very tap again when turning the water off, defeating the purpose of washing your hands to begin with. It’s a germ frenzy I tell ya. And so this picture continues in my crazy yet humourous head. 

Solution:  Yes, a little warped I guess but it helps keep a heap load at arm’s length. Firstly, upon absolutely having to use a public loo I use my foot to open the main door, if this is not possible I will wait for someone to either enter or exit but under no circumstances will I touch that door handle. Simple because it is beyond filthy. This step is applied to the loo door too. Once in the loo, DO NOT TOUCH THAT LOCK. I use tissue from my handbag to cover and lock. Never sit on a public loo – EVER. My mother taught us to hover just above like a high squat – a really good workout for ones thighs might I add. Business conducted. Using the same tissue from my handbag, Flush! Never touch that handle. This very technique is used when exiting the loo door as well as opening that tap. Thank you millions to the person who invented the liquid soap dispenser with a built-in sensor. Some public loos even have built-in sensors on the water taps *big thumbs up there from germ freaks like me* Time to exit the main door and again, I will not touch it. Using the same technique as entering – I wait, if that really does take long – out come the tissues again.

The above is only done in extreme cases. More often than not, I dash home. I had my son tell me the other day, ‘Mom, thanks to you I have an issue with public toilets and germs now, I look super crazy going about it.’ Seriously, I packed up laughing. I’ve never been one to care personally what others think of me as I’m quiet content in being myself, crazy or not. Of all my quirks, and yes well all have some – this I would say really does top the list. Either way, I don’t think many don’t share the same obsessive OCD for public toilets as I. Do you?

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