Crash, Boom, Bang !!

My eldest son got his first off road motorbike for his 5th birthday. Having had a little wipe out now and again, slowly he has developed a respect for such machines and what this chunk of metal is capable of doing to a fragile human body. Nine years on, I’m rather please to say never a broken bone or serious injury. This record still stands even after today. Relaxing at home while cooking my hubbies favourite lunch for fathers day, knowing Aust and dad were out riding, suddenly a rather calm hubby arrives home ALONE and says, ‘oh, Aust has come off his bike come quick.’ Dashing out the door, zooming in my car, I arrive to find my son flat on his back and in pain. Hubby takes the bike home while I dash Aust off to casualty. He sure did a good job coming off his bike this time. A wash and scrub of the wounds, a few x-rays& plenty bandages. Pop some pain meds and we’re good to go. The drive home is when we reflect on the event and share a laugh which wasn’t so easy for Aust as his ribs took quite the impact so breathing hurt a little. ‘Pity I didn’t get it on camera for YouTube’ I joke with him. Aust loves watching snippets of people wiping off their bikes on YouTube but the thought of his wipe captured and shared – wasn’t so pleasing to my little man.  All is well with hop-along now. Gave mom and dad a wee worry there. Part and parcel of being a boy doing what boys do best. Lesson learnt, although he says he still won’t give up on practising his ramping.That’s my boy. I always tell my boys when they have the odd mishap of sorts – scars give your body character and tell a story that’s unique to you. Now that’s awesome 😉 

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