A Captivating Story

After receiving a ‘like’ from a certain reader, I always click on the avatar to learn a bit about my readers. I began reading a fellow bloggers blog and was so taken in by her story and her journey honouring her father during his time serving in WW2. You have to follow her and read her blog for yourself to grasp the emotion of her storytelling. Join me for her Thursday blog on http://www.notsofancynancy.wordpress.com I don’t normally promote blogs this way but Nancy captivated me as I had a grandfather who served in WW2 and don’t have much info about his journey then. Just really nice to read someone else’s story. Happy blogging @notsofancynancy – thank you for sharing.

6 thoughts on “A Captivating Story

  1. Wow! Thank you so much for this! I clicked on your post wondering who else was blogging about their fathers WWII Letters and imagine my surprise it is ME! You brought a tear to my eye!! Thank you for support! and God Bless you for helping me get my fathers story out!

    • Only a pleasure, maybe one day you can publish his letters in a book copied exactly as they are in his own handwriting. A Fathers Journal. Just food for thought. Sorry about the tears, hope they were tears of joy. (((BIG HUGS)))

      • Tears of joy!

        I originally thought I may do the book by copying his letters, but there are just so many of them (have ya seen the suitcase?) lol It would take forever, I know, I know reading and blogging about them seems like it is taking forever. I cannot believe I am already 16 weeks into them and I am only a third of the way through them. thank you once again for your kind comments and your support!

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