Thumbs Up To Our Dentist


My boys actually ask me, nag me and beg me to take them for their six monthly dental visits, I’m okay with that. Sure beats the opposite. They are blessed to have really good, healthy and straight teeth, so far so good. Of course that goes without say that it comes from parents teaching good oral hygiene from day one. Our dentist is brilliant with children. She talks them through every thing she does which has a calming effect that leaves them less tense.  After the poke and prods of every tooth, x-rays and polish – the all clear is given by which our doc then rewards every visit with a kiddies certificate, the part my little one is most proud of.  My little one was devastated to have lost his first pearly white a few weeks back even though the tooth mouse came, the reward did not console him as expected. Eventually a trip to Lego World to buy another Hero Robot fixed that. Within days his ‘big tooth’ has come through and he was all to proud to boast this fact to his dentist. Thumbs up to our dentist for being the most fantastic doc when dealing with our children. I really appreciate how the boys anticipate their next visit with no fear.
via PicsArt Photo Studio

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