RIP Rain-Puppy


Rain-puppy, mommy’s angel

Today marks the fourth year of my baby girl Rain-puppys passing, 5th June 2008. Sadly she developed cancer and previous ops to remove her golf ball size growths were successful but short-lived. The cancer spread faster and more aggressively to the point she was in more pain than not as slowly every organ in her tiny body succumbed to the horrid cancer. She alway slept in our bed and when I couldn’t find her one night I knew things were not well. I found her under my sons bed. She was too sore to even jump hence she couldn’t get onto our bed. I spent the whole night holding her close knowing deep down in my heart she was dying slowly. The following day my hubby met me at the vet. It wasn’t good. I still battle with the decision taken to help her pass and end her pain. While in my hubby’s arms held tenderly and lovingly, she left us. My hubby cried with me for days. It still hurts and we miss her so much. I hang onto the memories of her character and lady like ways. She went everywhere with us and loved most the beach and a car ride. So gentle and tolerating of our two babies in her lifetime too. She was so loved, protected and adored. I know for sure that never ever will we take that decision again and would opt for painkillers until the angels came. I still battle with the decision taken and carry much guilt and pain.   I will always wonder how many more hours or days I might have had left with her had we not gone that route.  RIP mommys pup, you blessed our lives and brought such love and joy to our home. Thank you for loving us unconditionally. Ten years were not enough but were better than none. Till me meet again, may the sun always shine warm upon your face (in heaven 😉

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