Mine Didn’t Come With A Manual.


Big Boy Mac

It’s fun being the eldest I constantly tell my big boy, Austin. And I start with the list of all things first – first to get your license, first to celebrate the big milestones like your 13th, 16th, 18th and 21st. You enjoyed a whole eight years and some of being the only child, never having to share mom, dad or your toys. Most of all though, I say being a big brother is the most awesome of titles. Being my first-born enduring a bumpy ride since conception – our bond is a tight one. Yes, like any mom to a new teen, not all is smooth sailing. We clash at times when the boundary between parent and friend are blurred. Although we have a very relaxed style of parenting and allow for much freedom of expression, there isn’t a thing I wouldn’t do to protect or defend my sons regardless of the situation. That is after all a mothers natural instinct.

My teen really lashed out at me last year angry at my pregnancy and how he felt a new baby would impact upon his life. His biggest concern was the time alone with his parents. Austin thrives on his one on one time with us, “like the old days mom when it was just you and me” Needless to say I had a difficult pregnancy over and above this. When my hubby brought Austin to the hospital to meet his baby brother, right there in that beautiful moment – their bond was sealed. Austin is so protective and so in love with Ethan. He is a fantastic big brother often saying “mom, i love him so much can’t i have him” LOL. However the buck stops at those poo nappies and I’m okay with that. As for our relationship, things are back on track but we still bump heads on some teen issues. Children just don’t come with a manual, it’s a journey through life we share as we walk through the years. Love you Austie, gazillions over xxx
via PicsArt Photo Studio

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