Something Special

My little hero

A recent birthday celebration saw my son into his 6th year on our majestic planet earth. A gentle natured child with the most amazing imagination. Heath enjoys dress up play from fireman to police officer but his favourite is a pirate or cowboy. Like so many parents out there, Heaths conception was a test of faith. After a couple of miscarriages just into the 2nd trimester, we received the much-anticipated news of a new arrival. All of 12 weeks along we were told our baby showed signs of having Down Syndrome, I cried my heart out upon receiving this news. Came home and prayed. After awhile I had a sense of peace and calm. I told my hubby “i don’t know how I know but I just know this little one is going to be just fine” I refused any further testing too. I enjoyed this pregnancy and had such fun and special moments with my hubby and first-born decorating the nursery, going for scans and baby shopping. My hubby treated me like a delicate crystal ball. I still recall the moments he helped me in and out the bath tub, put my shoes on for me and gave foot massages. Heath arrived Easter Monday of 2006. A healthy, beautiful blessing indeed. We love you to the stars and back a million times over my boy. Stay just as loving and sumptuous as you are, my clever kid 😉

via PicsArt Photo Studio

2 thoughts on “Something Special

    • Nope, I sure wouldn’t. It takes a special kind of heart to see the pure love of such special children. Of all the Down Syndrome children I have ever had the pleasure of sharing time with, I am in awe around them. Such children are unbelievably amazing showing nothing but love. I can’t begin to describe what a joy these children are. I watched a child snorkeling some years back and found myself ‘staring’. I couldn’t take my eyes off watching her innocence and excitement at all her adventures in the ocean – she was pure if you can understand what I mean. DS children can do the same things a ‘normal’ child can do – they may take longer to reach milestone but they do reach them. As for my son – I knew I would not terminate regardless, God has a plan for us all. Thank you for your comment, I appreciate your question.

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