An Unexpected Blessing


Sometimes in life we get unexpected blessings that change ones life in many ways. For 14 years I still battle with the tragic passing of my sister Debbie on October, 24th 1997. A day for me every year I replay receiving that 2am knock on my door that would change my life forever. Last year October 24th 2011, we welcomed our baby boy, Ethan into this world. Ethan was due November 16th but his early arrival on such a significant day to me, has replaced that day with such happiness, joy and love. An unexpected way of healing and acceptance for me. I know in passing the heavens Debbie and Ethan have met. Introducing – Our amazing baby boy who has brought us so much closer and blessed our lives even more & continues to overflow our home with love. Mommy, Daddy and your very protective big brothers, love and adore you immensely. Thank you for choosing us to be your parents and to share in your life’s journey. Holding hands forever. Debs, he is beautiful indeed.
via PicsArt Photo Studio

4 thoughts on “An Unexpected Blessing

  1. Thank you for your kind words on my blog, and I love that your son was born on the day of your sister passings anniversary! To heal your heart just a bit with such a wonderful joyous occasion is absolutely perfect!

    • Your blogs make my tears silently fall as I feel your pain in your words, often I can relate. Sending you a BIG teddy bear hug Steph. Have you in my thoughts and prayers. Writing too is a form of healing – appreciate your sharing.

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