Things My Teen Says.

Our teens tend to think their parents were not teens at some stage in their own live so what could parents possibly know – right!  As my Mom always said ‘quick, grab a teen while they know everything”

Having just entered the teen years with my son, a parent fast becomes a private investigator. All the social networking available on every smart phone, and yes, what phone isn’t a smart phone by todays standards, how can a responsible parent not keep tabs on what their children are up to yet maintain and respect our teens space and privacy. Tricky one where balance and responsibility as parents are key. 

We had my son’s friend come over and spend a few days with us during the school Easter holidays. While standing in the kitchen making myself a cup-a-tea, I over heard our teen house guest say to my son, ‘so how come your parents only have sons?’ to which my son replies, ‘Didn’t I tell you! My dad only has one ball’ Implying the left makes boys and the right – girls.

Gobsmacked. I pack up laughing  in the next room trying to be ever so discreet.  Needless to say our guest clearly took some time to digest the comment in his confused state as only the following day when he brought it up again did we release his presumption that it was not fact. I guess every family has their own sense of humour understood by its members. This left me wondering – as we raise our children, do we as parents influence their sense of humour too ?  I think so. My son has such a witty sense of humour, I enjoy our laughs together.

Laugh more.


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