Last of the Summers Days

Explore, Venture & having fun.

As Autumn fast approaches which is my favourite season of all, we make the most of the warm waters.  Just outside of Jo’burg up north, one will find the best bush picnic spot on offer. The tranquility of the Hennops Picnic Spot has no other to compare its beauty. Many a visits our little family have had there. Our three sons engulfed in all nature has to offer. The fresh air, whispers of the trees as their leaves clinging on, the green grass surrounded by raw bush filled with an array of bird life, baboons, insects and more. With the options of cool swimming pools or a rivers stream on the picnics edge. The old rusty rope bridge and subtle waters currents make for adventure and bravery all of course under the watchful eye of their father as he leads the tribe. The boys are in their absolute element as they venture out, explore and have fun. Creating lifetime memories and asserting family bonds – life is beautiful. Tomorrow we return for the last of the summers days. I raise my glass in celebration of life, love, family and memories. Remember yesterday, celebrate today and be hopeful for tomorrow. That’s SunshineMac xxx

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